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Forex: One of the solutions to help you manage the unexpected.

Forex trading started in South Africa around 2014.
In 2018 they are billions of investors all around the world and a few millions are South African. The foreign exchange market (forex) is one of the most exciting, fast-paced markets around.
Extreme liquidity and the availability of high leverage have helped to spur the market's rapid growth and made it the ideal place for many traders. This is one of the multiple reasons Millions of South African decided to invest in the Forex.

You only need 200$ initial investment to start !

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We have come to South Africa to better understand how you South African wish to increase their income.

The question: "What are you doing to increase your income?" Here is what you answered us:


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For the past 3 years, earning money on internet has become one of the most popular solutions.

The reason is simple: You have access from home, night and day, 24/7

You don't need a lot to get started. A computer, internet connection and a little bit of knowledge are all you need to earn a profit, whether you are an executive, housewife or retired.

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A trend has caught our attention: The Forex Trading. Currencies and commodities market is the utmost and the more lucrative in the world. Buy or sell currencies depending on their rise or fall in the market in order to generate a profit, is an extraordinary opportunity! Even more unbelievable is the possibility to profit on both upwardanddownward movement of currencies and commodities!

Some years before, the Forex Forex market was accessible only to banks or large investors. Today, people like you and me can, with a little bit of help, the desire to learn and profit, transform you into a super trader, and become a true professional.


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" Instead of waiting and worrying, I have found a simple and effective way to increase income every month. Internet has changed my life! "
We remind you that the personnal results can change from one to another.

L. Dévi, 32 years old, Independent
" Ok it's true, today I'm not a millionaire :) After registering through the internet advertisement I saw, I learned that I could profit if currencies go up or down. The more fascinating part of this story is that I can now read the news and understand how currencies and commodities will be affected. This is how I make regular profits."
We remind you that the personnal results can change from one to another.

N. Arun, 25 years old, Bank employee
" Like a lot of younger people in South Africa, I'm graduated from a management school, but now find myself without a job. I enrolled in Online Trading classes that enriched my CV, but primarily, with an initial investment of only $150, I could increase my income every month."
We remind you that the personnal results can change from one to another.

G. Rahas, 55 years old, Looking for a job
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After a quick training by the company TRADE LG over the phone, you will need only a few minutes to manage investments on the currency market via a dedicated free interface that will be presented and open during the training itself.

Then, at that particular time, you can try to make profits by trade your money on the currency market.
Then, we offer Internet users to get some additional information and present them what is online trading, and investment on the currency market.

The user will receive:
    - A presentation of the currency market
    - Presentation of the risks of online investment
    - Introducing to the trading platform
    - Description of deposit and withdrawal methods
    - Description of deposit and withdrawal conditions

The user must receive all necessary information prior to opening a trading account and a warning about the risks of online trading (including the possibility of losing all or part of its capital) The user is free to continue or stop the training process at any time.